martes, 22 de marzo de 2011


Pressure while the wall is getting close to me. Everything seems to be okay, maybe that's the main reason of my fears. Gotta lot of things to do, but my sins are quite bigger than the busy time.

I know this is not the most serious way to do things in life, but I FEEL this is the most right way to do it in MY life.

Sorry if you don't like it, I'm really sorry, because you know how important you are for me. I have my head in the proper place, and I can swear is not so far away from earth, but you don't know nothing about me.. Maybe that's my only fault on you... But I blame you even for that.

I can also say that this is not a matter of who's guilty or not, this is a matter of RESPECT  to each other as we know how differrent we are... You know this for sure.

Maybe I need Roger Waters to show me how to break this wall... It's a pity he can't show it to both of us, I know how much you like him... This was something we were planning to see a long time ago.

You always know how to sink me... In a deep fucking hole of sadness. But don't worry, because I'm used to this since the first day you took me in your arms. So...

I believe in no Gods, respect no Laws, follow no One; but my god, but my law, but myself.

Holy shit, a bit more and I became an emo. hahaha

I needed this.


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